Congratulations to the Marist College Eastwood Class of 2022 on your outstanding HSC results! 

Our school is proud to place in the top 150 coming in at 143 in The Sydney Morning Herald rankings (derived from the HSC 2022 Merit Lists, using the Band 6 Rate). 

We also recorded 65 Distinguished Achievers, one All Rounder and two Top Achievers.

We are excited to announce we came fifth in the state for English Extension 2, first in the dioceses for Extension 1 Mathematics, Extension 2 English, History Extension, French Beginners and qualified as third highest achieving all boys school in SCS.

Marist College Eastwood principal Silvana Rossetti congratulated the Year 12 cohort.

“There are a number of success stories to celebrate across faculties and subjects. Our students are to be commended for their success. We also recognise there are some challenges to be addressed moving forward as we continue to strive for excellence,” she said.

Ms Rossetti wished to thank the teachers who guided the Class of 2022 through their HSC.

“Having the students select the correct courses as well as having dedicated staff working with them has contributed greatly towards their success.”

“We also celebrate our students who selected a non ATAR HSC pathway. These students have secured various apprenticeships, full time employment or further vocational study,’ said Ms Rossetti.

“We commend these young men for their choices and initiative demonstrated which has led to their success.” 

System success 

Sydney Catholic Schools has achieved outstanding results in the 2022 HSC with nine of its 33 schools ranked among the top 100 high schools in NSW.

A total of 17 schools ranked among the top 150 secondary schools, underlining Sydney Catholic Schools’ position as one of the top performing systems in Australia. 

Sydney Catholic Schools recorded an impressive 2630 Distinguished Achievers, 66 Top Achievers and 58 All Rounders. 

Marist College Eastwood 2022 HSC Results

Here’s a recap of our 2022 HSC highlights:

  • One All Rounder – number of students scoring above 90 in at least 10 units
  • Sixty-five Distinguished Achievers – lists the students who achieved a result in the highest band (Band 6 or Band E4) for one or more courses, not including results for courses studied external to their school
  • Two Top Achievers – student(s) who achieved one of the highest places in an HSC course or VET examination and also achieved a result in the highest band (Band 6 or Band E4)
  • First in the Dioceses: Extension 1 Mathematics, Extension 2 English, History Extension, French Beginners
  • Marist College Eastwood overall achievements: 
    • Spread of subjects over which Band 6 have been achieved, no Band 1  and under 1% of Band 2
    • Third highest achieving all boys school in SCS
    • 86% of ATAR students received early entry offers
    • 100% of Band 5 & 6 -Ext 2 Mathematics , History Extension, Music, Visual Arts 
    • 86.3% Band 4/5/6,
    • Fifth in the state English Extension 2
    • Second in state in French Beginners.
Sydney Catholic Schools 2022 HSC Results