The awards just keep coming for Marist College Eastwood graduate, Matthew Arkins. Matthew, who completed his final year of studies at Marist College Eastwood in 2022, has received the Bennelong Award for the Arts for his Sculpture Artwork. His work entitled “The Space Between” has also been selected for the Sydney Catholic Schools HSC Visual Arts Showcase at Australian Catholic University’s McGlade Gallery in March.

Matthew wrote a very deep and meaningful statement to accompany his work:

“Is our world imperfect, or are we looking at perfection from an imperfect eye? Inspired by the rare gems of our natural world and driven by my own perfectionistic qualities, I have created a sequence of undulating sculptural forms that take shape from the repetition of lines, to question perfection. The illusion of motion is created through an ever changing perspective of the sculptures that encapsulate a balanced world of light, colour and space we cannot see with our eyes alone. Through sculpture, I can physically project the junction between our minds and the world, leading the viewer to reflect on their perspective of the world through conscious and subconscious engagement.”

Matthew placed first overall in Visual Arts and achieved a top Band 6 result in the HSC and after considering many offers and early entries from a variety of universities is now studying at UTS where he is completing a Bachelor of Design and Architecture.

Principal Ms Silvana Rossetti commented “All the staff were thrilled with our 2022 HSC results and again ranking in the top 150 schools in the State. At Marist College Eastwood, the students are at the heart of everything we do, whether it be the design of our facilities or the choices we make in our teaching methodologies. We believe it is this focus that results not only in achieving academic excellence, but developing happy, well-rounded, good men.