My first year at Marist College Eastwood certainly did not fit my stereotype of high school, it is even better! It is probably one of the most social places on earth, with so many people, so many teachers and you can never be bored.  Over the year  I have joined the debating club,  played chess at lunchtime and am part of the Junior Cricket B team on Thursday sport, I have enjoyed every moment of it! From the disaster and triumphs of playground handball and getting that goal at the end of the term, Marist College Eastwood has definitely fulfilled all my expectations of high school. Although the new stress of exams, studying has always been worthwhile! It is most definitely different to what you would expect but the one thing I have loved about my first year at Marist College Eastwood in Year 7 is the opportunity that awaits every corner of the College. From the Newman program to Gala days and triathlons, my year at Marist College Eastwood  has been one of the best.  (Aron S) 

When I started Year 7 I felt very overwhelmed. A large school, a lot of teachers and a new group of friends. What gave me balance in my new schooling life was sport. I was lucky that Marist College Eastwood offered a wide range of sporting opportunities to engage and motivate me. Having an opportunity to represent the College, even at a rep level, gave me the skills to cope with all my other school subjects. Sport has taught me discipline, leadership and great organisation skills. Not only have I met new friends playing these sports, but I met new people in my classes. These friends have now become the people I sit with at recess and lunch. At the end of the year, I now feel confident in approaching teachers as I have gained trust in them over the year.  (Robert T)

I am Nicholas and I started Year 7 this year. I did not know what to expect at a school like Marist College Eastwood, I had come from St Mary’s Rydalmere.  St Mary’s is a small co-ed school, so coming to a big school like Marist was a huge change. Through my transition the Year 10 Peer Support boys were welcoming and supportive helping us find our way through the College.  My talent of singing was picked up by the music department and they gave me the opportunity to sing in the SCS Singing Eisteddfod which I ended up winning. I was also approached by the Director of Music who offered me a role in the upcoming musical The School of Rock. Marist College Eastwood is an amazing school for academics, sporting and many extra curricular activities too.  (Nicholas F)